Compassion + communication = culture change

By Mitchell Nash on January 30, 2015

Change is a lot easier when your employees are fully on board with what you’re trying to do and are equipped to handle the normal human reactions that whole-scale change is guaranteed to bring about.

Organizational Design is pro-choice

By Wesley Dorsett on January 29, 2015

What does neuroscience, human behavior and psychology have to do with the “hard stuff” of strategy and organizational structure—i.e., of designing an organization? EVERYTHING! If we don’t accept the fact that our default wiring for making decisions (and especially strategic decisions) is embedded in this world of unconscious drivers, we are bound to make less-than-optimal strategies and organizational design choices.

Dr. Paula Johnson named 2015 Outstanding Woman in Healthcare

By Bill Springer on January 28, 2015

In her work as the Executive Director of the Mary Horrigan Connors Center for Women’s Health and Gender Biology and Chief of the Division of Women’s Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Dr. Paula Johnson’s groundbreaking clinical work and interdisciplinary research and education has made a significant impact in women’s health, academic medicine, and leadership.

Edit the script to your leadership story

By Briana Goldman on January 27, 2015

We encourage the leaders we work with to look at the highs and lows of their life, diagram them, and look for themes and insights to emerge. The objective is to strengthen their leadership by understanding what makes them a leader (and the person) they are.

Rockstar faculty headlines inaugural Leadership Summit for Women

By Bill Springer on January 23, 2015

Linkage’s Leadership Summit for Women: Leading the Future of Healthcare and Academic Medicine is a one-day leadership development program that accelerates high-potential women leaders with the skills and knowledge they—and their organizations—need to succeed.

How to tackle one of your biggest organizational challenges

By Bill Springer on January 22, 2015

As you’ll see in the following video, Dr. Phil Harkins’ work with senior executives, boards, and teams from leading organizations in more than 25 countries helps Linkage tackle your biggest organizational challenges in highly effective ways.

Intel commits $300 million to diversity: “It’s about time.”

By Lauren Rodriguez on January 21, 2015

It’s easy to highlight the diversity gap at most tech firms. But just because shockingly low diversity numbers are ubiquitous throughout the tech industry doesn’t mean that the problem is only a “tech problem.”

The secret of employee engagement (part 3)

By Marty Jordan on January 20, 2015

If all managers in your organization employed these simple yet effective strategies for engaging employees, your organization would be seeing the business results that the Gallup organization has found when employees are highly engaged.

Free webinar: Effective Strategies for aligning your ERG with the Business

By Rory Cellucci on January 19, 2015

Join this free webinar to learn best practice examples from leading organizations on how to align ERGs with key business needs.

University of Michigan to host groundbreaking summit for women leaders in healthcare and academic medicine

By Bill Springer on January 16, 2015

The Leadership Summit for Women: Leading the Future of Healthcare and Academic Medicine is an innovative, one-day summit specifically designed to provide the essential skills, networking, and dialogue that are critical to helping women advance into senior positions in healthcare and academic medicine.